Do you know about these real estate marketing trends?

This is 21st Century; technology has transformed everything, which means it’s a great time to review and transform our real estate marketing strategies for optimum result. You must redefine your property marketing approach if you want to survive in this market.

Some of the marketing techniques that keep working for smart realtors cut across using lots of photos and publicizing benefits of owning a real estate rather than mere features that does not translate into benefits.

We have done a review of the latest strategies to make sure you’re  leveraging on the tools that will help you appeal to the prospective tenants and buyers you want. These trends are transforming 21st century real estate market and, therefore, your prospective tenants’ expectations;

Property Virtual Tours and High Resolution Photos

Images have been part of real estate marketing for a long time. Customers have come to think of tons of pictures, of both inside and outside, as par for the course. That’s going to continue, augmented by newer technology. Video tours, images in 3D, and virtual reality are going to become increasingly popular, especially with younger generations – Instagram people

Real estate virtual tours can appeal to prospective buyers more than static images can. It’s possible to get a sense of walking through and surveying the home. Photographs can make rooms look smaller or larger than they actually are. Video tours offer more realism.

With virtual tours, prospective customers get a real-world sense of what it’s like to walk through a property. You can also get a sense of what aspects of the home people focus on, which allows you to emphasize those areas when you show the property, and if not, shooting real estate photos like a pro will do.

Laser Targeting/Micro Focus

Try to integrate micro targeting approach to your real estate marketing – your prospective tenant or property buyer might be living close to your property. If you’re marketing a property close to a college campus, for example, you might want to focus on college students. Do you want to focus on

senior citizens because of proximity to walk-able, flat parks? On people who will be moving in the summer, with the latest listings? You can choose these and other demographic targets, depending on the marketing niches for the property.

Internet Based Communication – Whats-App, Email, Classified Ads, etc.

Realtor’s who manage fewer than five properties may not have online communication systems for their properties, other than email. If that describes you, it’s smart to go digital with as much as you can. Use online platforms to post your listings and accept applications online. Consider texting your tenants along with emailing, as younger generations like millennial and Generation Z will be more inclined to text questions.

Eco-friendly amenities

You can improve your marketing efforts by drawing attention to the Eco-friendly aspects of your property. Anything that saves energy or contributes toward a green lifestyle counts. Something like energy-efficient appliances, especially if they save money for

Helpful contents

Since online information such as images and applications helps you stay on top of the market and attract good tenants, don’t forget the adage, “Content is king.” What does that mean for you, exactly? Well, it means that many renters expect helpful information and advice when they are looking at rentals online.

It’s become commonplace to see blogs giving advice on everything from how much total income one should spend on rent to whether to get renters’ insurance. Giving your potential renters helpful content will improve their experiences and make them more likely to rent from you. Send tenants helpful, renter-focused articles..

Tech-friendly amenities

If you have free Wi-Fi or cable, USB outlets, CCTV Cameras or other tech-friendly features, be sure to mention them in your promotional materials. If you don’t offer those amenities, make it as easy as possible for renters to get these services and advertise what’s available to them. More and more people have multiple devices and high expectations for how fast they work and how and convenient they will be to use.

Multiple marketing channels

It’s crucial to market across multiple channels. Your prospective tenants could find your properties on Facebook or through other online Real Estate marketing platform, Facebook can work very well in high-density areas but can be more expensive in lower-density areas. Keep track of what has worked for you in the past.

If you’ll be looking for prospective tenants in this year and the years to come, it’s a good idea to review the most recent real estate marketing trends, including the long-term ones. Incorporating these eight ideas will help you to optimize your marketing outreach.

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