Why you need a Laser Distance Meter as a Professional in the Built Environment

A Laser Distance Meter is a modern digital measuring device used for analyzing building distance, area, and volume. Adoption of Laser Meters is fast growing as a viable replacement for traditional tapes, the reason for this replacement is that traditional tapes are prone to measurement errors and inaccurate readings.
Using a Laser Distance Meter to measure building distance, area and volume ensures that you achieve accurate measurements on site, it also promotes efficiency and productivity on site. No need for traditional tapes to measure objects, all you need is a point and click Laser Distance Meter.
A traditional tape cannot calculate area and volume neither can it do basic additions and subtractions, you also need more than one person to operate a traditional tape. A Laser meter helps you get instant measuring results – distance, area, and volume with just a button click.
Somebody once said:  “Laser Distance Meter is the fastest and most accurate way to collect measurements, especially if you have multiple measurements to take on a job”

The device also makes it easy to work with different measuring units such as Meters, Feet, and Inches.

#Laser Distance Benefits Streamlined

A professional can single-handedly carry out project measurement without using a traditional tape. Just point and click with a laser meter, then you get instant result. It saves time, cost and extra labour requirements.

You do not need a pen and paper to record measurements, you can record directly to the unit memory of your Laser meter. It promotes information storage efficiency.

A Laser meter helps you get more accurate project readings. It gives transparency and precision in project measurements.

A Laser meter is safer to use as you may not need to walk around a wall or edge to get your measurement results. It gives productivity efficiency.

You can get a quick measurement with a Laser meter, it helps reduce time spent in the field taking a measurement. Promotes time value for money.

You can get all your measurement need with the built-in distance, area and volume calculation.

Compact and less bulky. It occupies little space, it is a pocket size device.


The above reviews are based on our dealership experience and critical assessment of our “Powerful Laser Distance Meters” we are manufacturer’s representative of Professional Laser Distance Meters.

We have the device for sale in various distance ranges, we also give free training to buyers on how to effectively use a Laser Distance Meter for building projects measurement. See our sales brief below;


40 Meters Range        –     N30,000
100 Meters Range      –     N45,000



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