Property Management with Evernote

I have not seen any software that can be used to organize information and manage property management portfolio than Evernote, not because I am an Evernote Certified Consultant but because it is one of the most valuable tools being used by real estate professionals around the world. It is a tool that replaces traditional filing cabinet, it makes real estate portfolio information available on the smart phones and gives us the flexibility to manage our property portfolio from anywhere.

With Evernote integrated to your property management practice, you can design and collect property management templates together, you can also use it to visualize routine inspection schedules and organize management documents. It makes it easy to manage digital documents that are vital to your property management portfolio.

Evernote can boost your property management information retrieval and accessibility efficiency. Deploying Evernote for your real estate portfolio can help you overcome problems revolving around;

  • Team Collaboration
  • Information Management
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Space Requirements for Traditional Filing Cabinets
  • Property Management Team Engagement
  • Staff Productivity

Many organizations continue to make use of Evernote to keep management templates, property inspection report, pictures of properties etc.  Evernote can help you keep all your property information together and makes it accessible for team members.

With Evernote integrated to your property management business, you can upload and download files and folders with ease, your information is accessible from any location and from your smart phone, tablet or the web. Evernote makes business information resides in your pocket.

When you use Evernote as your property portfolio manager, you can easily tag your property information with keywords.  Evernote makes it easy for you to collaborate with team members on Digital Documents, it is also a vital application for sharing vital business documents.

Evernote is built to mimic an external brain, it is capable of managing your digital information. Evernote makes it easy to share real estate information and chat  with team members in real-time.

What Type of Property Information can Evernote Manage?

Property management documents can be archived and organized in Evernote — property pictures , proposals, and training documents that are fundamental to effective management operation.

Real estate organizations can use Evernote to archive and centralize property information for historical and reference purposes.

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Bolaji Afolabi  | Author of GPS in Real Estate

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