Modern IT Tools & Real Estate Business Operation

In a world connected by technologies; a world where we cannot do without our smart phones and a world where internet is regarded as a backbone of modern business operation – the need to flow with the tide and upscale our practice with growing technological innovations becomes a necessity.

Many real estate professionals are still not concentrating attention on how technology will redefine the future of real estate practice, there are a lot of people in the real estate industry that still operate in the traditional ways of doing things.

For the real estate professionals that still work in the old ways, it is high time to flow with the tide and integrate 21st century technologies to your daily real estate practice. If you don’t know, there are over 50 million internet users in Nigeria and many of these users spend their time on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and E-commerce platforms. Hence real estate professionals must begin to integrate internet technologies for optimum visibility and global competitiveness.

When various mapping technologies are seeing adoption for locational intelligence and efficiencies in real estate decision making, we still see professionals working in the old ways.

By not flowing with the modern IT waves, your organization stand to loose in the following areas of professional competence and global competitiveness;

  • Team Collaboration
  • Information Management
  • Efficiency
  • Paperless Real Estate Operation
  • Team Engagement
  • Productivity
  • Cost Saving

With IT systems integrated to your real estate business process, you can manage your practice with ease, your information and decision making framework is accessible from any location and from your smartphone, tablet or the web.

For real estate organizations that engage in property valuation, estate agency and property management, it is important to note that IT integration to your practice is not a one cap fits all. There are some IT tools best suited for brokers, and there are some made for property managers.

The interesting part is that for every sub domain of real estate practice, there is an IT tool capable of executing the trade.

Kindly click on any of the links below to learn further on core IT applications in professional real estate practice sub domains.

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See you next time

Bolaji Afolabi | Author of GPS in Real Estate

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