Digital Marketing Technology for Real Estate Agencies

If you don’t know, internet technologies have redefined the way we run real estate agencies, it has gone beyond paper bulletin and traditional to-let boards, it has find its position in the cyberspace. Internet technologies have shown to us that a physical office is not enough to dominate in modern estate agency.

As a real estate broker, do you have a website, do you have a fully branded corporate email? do you integrate email marketing/campaign system to your operation? are you on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram? are you on Property Listing websites?

If your answers are NO to many of the questions raised above, then you are not making use of the growing opportunities that internet offers. The opportunities you are missing include;

  • Global outreach and exposure
  • Modern property marketing efficiency
  • Serving clients in remote locations
  • Agencies collaboration
  • Prospects engagement
  • Productivity
  • Cost Saving

In order to upscale your real estate practice, you need to integrate modern internet marketing technologies and stand out in the crowd.

Requirements for Running a 21st Century Real Estate Agency

  1. Real Estate Agency Website
  2. Dedicated Email Address system such as
  3. Email Marketing/Campaign System
  4. Integration of top property listing platforms in your region to your practice.
  5. Social Media channels integration – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.
  6. Consistency in Online Media Updates and Promotion

At present, Nigeria has the largest internet population in Africa, 11th in the world. The implication of this is that decision makers and potential real estate buyers will first consult online media to gather property information.

It now a habit for internet users to either check their mail, search for information, interact with various social media channels, shop online, chat over Skype or use Google Hangout or even network on LinkedIn. As a real estate broker, if you don’t maintain presence in any of these online platforms that people visit, you stand to be loosing interns of sales and business opportunities.

In order for real estate agencies to stay competitive, they must maintain good and strategic internet presence, effective use of it will generate real estate leads/prospects. Your real estate prospects are already online checking mails, catching fun with social media, searching for information or Networking with people over LinkedIn. Your job is to find a way to hook-them-in for life.

Exploring Further

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See you next time.

Bolaji Afolabi  | Author of GPS in Real Estate

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